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MTB Bike Bicycle Remover Removal Tool Set





Universal bike crank puller.
100% Brand new
Easy to use
Suitable for standard square tapers
Robust design
Ideal for the home bike mechanic

How to use:
1. Remove the bolt in the crank arm
2. Screw the lower black part of the tool into the crank until tight
3. Screw in and continue to tighten the silver piece of the tool until the crank starts to move.


Chain Whip + Cassette Lockring tool
These tools are of a very high quality.
Suitable for all freewheels and cassettes.
Designed to remove cassettes from hubs.
Can also be used to tighten on screw-on freewheels.
Coated handle for comfort and ease of use.
It is constructed from cro-mo steel for durability.



Crank Wheel Puller Set OR Cassette Chain Whip Set