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Mens Womens Ski Pants Salopettes Skiwear Skiing Snowboarding Snow with Suspender


Size & Colour


These ski pants are fully equipped to take on the mountain and more.They keeps you warm. 

Thanks to the breathable and waterproof membrane for maximum comfort and warmth, along with the padded design and soft lining for increased heat retention. These Ski Pants benefit from a zipped fly and press stud fastening to the waistband, whilst the adjustable braces allow for a comfortable fit for all level of skiers. 

Regular Fit with velcro waistband adjustment

Mens Salopettes 
Press stud waist band 
Zipped fly 
Adjustable straps 
Adjustable braces 
Soft lining 
Padded design 
Zipped pockets 


Size Guide:

Black (with brace):

Size XS: Wrist 76-84 CM,hip 106 CM,inseam 76 CM, brace 80x3.5 CM

Size S: Wrist 80-90 CM,hip 114 CM,inseam 79 CM, brace 80x3.5 CM

Size M: Wrist 88-92 CM,hip 116 CM,inseam 80 CM, brace 83x3.5 CM

Size L: Wrist 84-94 CM,hip 122 CM,inseam 83 CM, brace 88x3.5 CM

Size XL: Wrist 86-96 CM,hip 124 CM,inseam 85 CM, brace 88x3.5 CM

Orange, Sky Blue,Rose Red (with brace): 

Size S: Wrist 74 CM,hip 110 CM,inseam 74 CM, brace 76x3.5 CM

Size M: Wrist 76 CM,hip 113 CM,inseam 75 CM, brace 76x3.5 CM

Size L: Wrist 80 CM,hip 116 CM,inseam 76 CM, brace 76x3.5 CM

Green (without brace):

Size S: Wrist 74 CM,hip 110 CM,inseam 74 CM

Size M: Wrist 80 CM,hip 113 CM,inseam 75 CM

Size L: Wrist 84 CM,hip 115 CM,inseam 77 CM


NOTE:The size label comes with the pants is in Chinese sizing, it would be larger, please just refer to the sizing guide.Thank you.


Package includes:

1 pair of Ski Pants