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Marine 6mm 8mm 10mm 50M Braid On Braid Polyester Rope Black Fleck Double Braid


Rope Size
The braided core polyester rope is widely used in marine and industrial industries as well as general purpose applications, being ideal for use as rigging lines, main sheets, jib sheets, genoa sheets, tent guy lines, washing lines, etc. While having a high strength, this polyester rope is of low stretch. Meanwhile, it is good UV resistant, abrasion resistant and chemicals resistant, to ensure a long term use.
Suitable for all rigging applications, sheets, halyards, spinnakers, head sail, mainsail, Furling, Lazy Jacks etc.

Braking Strain:6mm 590kg;8mm 1450kg;10mm 2290kg

Length:50 meters

Colour:White With Black Fleck

Very high UV resistance and abrasion resistance

6mm 8mm 10mm Diameter Marine & Sailing Quality Rope to choose

Package includes: 1x50 meter rope