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Complete Set Front & Rear Brake & Gear Cable Set Inner Outer MTB Bicycle




Fantastic Full Brake and Gear Cable Set at an unbelievable price
Suitable for both mountain bikes and road bikes
Kit contains everything you need to replace your existing brake and gear cables
Available in lots of colour


Size details:

brake cable line pipe: L 249cm x D 0.48cm / L198cm x D 0.4cm

Front brake wire core:110cm

Rear brake cable core:170cm

Front gear cable core:160cm

Rear gear cable core:220cm


1 x Outer housing Brake cable 249cm x Diameter: 0.48cm 
1 x Outer housing Brake cable 198cm x Diameter: 0.4cm
2 x Inner cables for Brakes: Front 110cm  + Rear 170cm
2 x Inner cables for Gears: Front 160cm  + Rear 220cm
3 x Rubber O-ring
4 x Silver Brake pipe aluminum cap
10 x Black plastic cable ferrules