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Bike Chain Tool




10 speed bike chain:

HG technology has chamfered inner plates to optimise shifting performance on HG sprockets.
Comes with quick and easy to use connecting link.
Durability is assured through the heat treatment of rollers, pins, and plates.
Mushrooming of the pins gives unsurpassed side-plate retention, enabling the chain to far exceed the BS/ISO standard for breaking force.
7.3 mm chain width, optimised for 10 speed drivetrains.
114 links.Complete with missing link


Chain Link Removal Plier

Many derailleur chains use a "master link" that allows the chain to be installed and removed by hand. While this type of masterlink doesn't require a traditional chain tool, over time, dirt and corrosion can make it difficult to separate by hand.It can make removal and replacement of these masterlinks quick and effortless. Simply insert the specially sized jaws into the masterlink and squeeze the handles.



Fits all chains that have a master link.
Comfortable Rubber Handle

Bike 2in1 open & close the chain master link Pliers Advanced tool

kmc Shimano compatible
Advanced tool for both open and close the chain master link.


Package includes:

1x 10 speed bike chain or 1x chain link removal plier (as per option)