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Aquarium Syphon Fish Tank Cleaner Washer Vacuum Gravel Water Filter Siphon


100% Brand New and High Quality Aquarium Fish Tank Vacuum Syphon Cleaner Pump.
Features: wash sand + change the water + clear dirt of the corner + clean the wall.
With the Electric washing sand traps, the sand from the bottom of aquarium can be washed easily.
Used as a water siphon for changing the water, the water was drained from the tank.
Upgrade outlet head, it is convenient for you to clear the dirt of the aquarium corner.
With the brush, you can clean the aquarium wall effectively.
Supplied with two extension tubes, making it ideal for different sizes of aquariums.
Easy to install and operate.


Material: ABS Plastic.

Size: overall length 40cm - 95cm / 15.7" – 37.4".

Flow rate: 520 litres per hour.

Water level: 20cm - 75cm.

Power Requirement: 2 x Battery (Not included).

Weight: 366g.