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105pcs HSS Titanium Coated High Speed Steel Drill Bit Set Tool Kit 1.5-10mm


100% Brand New and High Quality 105pcs Stainless Metal Cobalt HSS Twist Drill Bits Set 1.5mm-10mm.
Size & QTY: 1.5mm x 17; 2mm x 17; 2.5mm x 16; 3mm x 10; 3.2mm x 10; 3.5mm x 9; 4mm x 9; 4.5mm x 3; 5mm x 3; 5.5mm x 2; 6mm x 3; 6.5mm x 2; 8mm x 2; 10mm x2.
Material: HSS steel with 5% Cobalt.
Finish: Titanium Coated.
Suitable for most materials including steel, Copper, brass, wood, plastic, aluminum alloy, etc.
Professional tool For DIY, Home and General Building/Engineering using.