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Kids Womens Swimmable Mermaid Tails Monofin Flippers Bikini Set Swimming Costume



Every girl deserve a mermaid dream,it is still not late,to help her make the dream come ture,let's do it today!  


The sparkle mermaid tail is open at the bottom so the tail can be raised above the feet for ease of walking on dry ground or help when standing in water. These tails move naturally through the water and look very realistic especially when you are using our monofin.


The mermaid tail / bikini set and the monofin are sold separately. Please kindly choose the item from the drop down menu.


Size Details:


Mermaid Tail:


Size M 8-10 years, recommend for height 125-135cm : Waist 56-65cm / 22.04-25.59", Length (from waist to tail's top) 70cm / 27.55"


Size L 11-13 years, recommend for height 135-145cm : Waist 60-70cm / 23.62-27.55", Length (from waist to tail's top) 80cm / 31.49"


Bikini Set:


Size S 5-7 years, recommend for height 115-125cm : Waist 50-60cm / 19.68-23.62", Length (from waist to tail's top) 60cm / 23.62"


Size M 8-10 years, recommend for height 125-135cm : Waist 56-65cm / 22.04-25.59", Length (from waist to tail's top) 70cm / 27.55"


Size L 11-13 years, recommend for height 135-145cm : Waist 60-70cm / 23.62-27.55", Length (from waist to tail's top) 80cm / 31.49"


Size M ( adult women ) : Waist 62-75cm / 24.409-29.52",  Length (from waist to tail's top) 100cm / 39.37"


Size L ( adult women ) : Waist 66-80cm / 25.98-31.49" Length (from waist to tail's top) 102cm / 40.15"


Washing Instructions: 

Rinse after use in cold water, squeeze excess water out very gently. 

Do not twist the fabric. 

Do not use detergent, bleach, or fabric softeners. 

Do not iron or dry clUPC. 

The bright shiny foil finish may fade after wear. ALL of the sparkly foil WILL come off if you run it through a washing machine!




The monofin is made to fit any foot size. The tails are designed to hold the monofin perfectly and it will not slip out even though they are open at the bottom. The monofin is also open at the bottom to allow it to dry quickly. You can easily add or remove the monofin from your mermaid tail at anytime.


Monofin Material: PP+TPR

Monofin Buckle Material: PP



Build leg strength, increase water confidence

Easy to kick for extended snorkeling time.

Lightweight, efficient and economical

Good thrust in an economical fin

Adjustable foot strap

Adjustable quick release silica gel foot strap for safe and fun use.


Size Details:

One size fits for 8-13 years


**This monofin only fits for kids of 8-13 years, not for adult women !!!


?Important Safety Information:

Ages 8 and up, Use ONLY with adult supervision

DO NOT use the monofin in water too deep for your abilities

Start Slow-Get used to the dolphin kick without the monofin first

This is not a floatation device, only swim in depths consistent with your ability.