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UV Gel Nail Polish Remover Wraps Acetone Acrylic Foil Wipes Soak Off Pads


100% Brand new
Easy to use,best tool for Manicure
Reduces acetone contact with skin and traps in heat to quicken removal
Disposable, one Tear for one nail
How to use it:
Step 1. Break the seal of the gel with sanding file. The top layer must be completely removed.Removal Tips: Prep. Push cuticles back before filing the top layer to remove with ease.
Step 2. Open the gel remover and wrap the foil around fingers immediately to ensure the product does not evaporate and the heat is insulated in the wrap.Removal Tips: Wrap it. Fingertips should be fully covered in the wrap.
Step 3. Soak the nail for 10 minutes then check the status.Removal Tips: Check in! Some colors may need additional removal time. If needed, soak for additional 5 minutes.