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10 in 1 Professional Acrylic Nail Kit(NA821 neutral packing)



* Full package (pen, powder, liquid) to get your nails shine and attractive sweet-free!

* 100% Brand New

* Perfect for professional or personal use.

* Best for the fast and beautiful nail arting!


Usage instructions:

1. Pour acrylic liquid into a dappen dish (not included in this set), use the nail art pen to dip some acrylic powder, then dip the pen into the acrylic liquid.

2. Apply them onto your nails evenly. 

3. Apply top coat (not included in this set) for a shinig finish

4. Done!


Package Contents:

Acrylic liquid x 1 (120 ml )

Acrylic remover x 1 (120ml)

Acrylic powder x 3 (Colour pink, Colour white, and Clear)

Acrylic Primer x 1

Pink nail setting x 2

File x2

Sanding Block x 2

Golden nail form x 20 pcs

Nail art pen/brush x 2