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Baby Nappy Bag Changing Diaper Bags Bottle Holder Change Mat Large Mommy Bag






1. The big bag and the small bag are perfect for carrying extra load of nappies to avoid running down to the supermarket/stores in the middle of a long journey. What's more, with a lot of room, you can put baby's clothing, pants, towels, napkins and all other family supplies in those bags!


2. The small lunch box bag can carry the lunch you cooked for the whole family and make you the perfect parent! (4 in 1 does not have this bag)


3. The bottle bag will delight your baby always with good-tasting food / milk!


4. The changing mat is made of water resistant material and easy to clean, which save you time and energy!



Package Contents And Size


5 in 1:

A large bag - 41cm x 15cm x 30cm;

A small bag - 30cm x 10cm x 26cm;

A changing mat - 53cm x 31cm;

A zip bottle holder - Ø8 x 19.5 cm
A zip lunch box bag - 13.5 cm x 12 cm x 7 cm


4 in 1:

A large bag - 36cm x 12cm x 28cm;

A small bag - 24cm x 10cm x 20cm;

A changing mat - 44cm x 27cm;

A zip bottle holder - Ø8 x 19.5 cm